Footsqueek Blog: How long do you spend online?

As some readers might know I am Managing Director at Footsqueek (The Mobile App Company). Footsqueek does a lot of works schools and has a keen interest in education. One of the contributors to the Footsqueek blog recently posted a fascinating article about Information Overload in the 21st Century and as part of the article he examined what happens in 60 seconds on the internet:

Infographic by- Shanghai Web Designers

This really got me thinking about what I do on the internet; indeed I started considering how much time I spend being productive online and how much time I spend procrastinating. For me the internet is definitely a recreational tool first and a work tool second; in reality, however, I couldn’t be without the internet in either context – I would estimate I use the internet for in excess of 6 hours every day, 365 days a year.

Amazing to think that the web has went from a “nice to have” to being an essential tool in less than 15 years.

How long do you spend on the net?


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2 thoughts on “Footsqueek Blog: How long do you spend online?

  1. Weekdays about 10 hours per day, starting work at 7.15 am and ending between 9-10 pm. Less at weekends – though often 6-7 hours both days. Mostly work-related, of course …

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