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Occasionally I pop up at events as a speaker! Subjects are varied, anything from User Interface Design, Usability, Agile Development Teams and other things related to Software Development.

I’m always looking for opportunity to speak at tech events, conferences and meet ups. If you like any of my talks below and would like me to speak at your event please contact me –


Working with Guerrillas – Coding UX Into Every App (CodeMobileUk – April 2018)


Entity Framework: To the Unit of Work Design Pattern and Beyond (DotNetNotts – February 2018)!


Don’t make the same mistake again (NSManchester – October 2017)!


Working with Guerrillas – Coding UX Into Every App (iOSDEVUK – September 2017)


Is your App a Door Handle or a Door Knob (CodeMobile – April 2017)?


SCRUM for Micro-Companies

Project Management is fundamental in any company, clients insist on knowing when products will actually be delivered and as a result timescales are key to profitability.

In software development, companies have the unique issue that clients love to change their mind and worse still try to extend the project scope and claim huge new features were part of the original brief! “Oh I didn’t mean it to work like that” or “but obviously it will also do ….”.

These problems often seem exaggerated in smaller companies with a greater range of competing time pressures and agile methodologies often don’t seem workable unless there is a team of 4-8 people who are all able to work on the same project.

Steve is an astute project manager and over several years has had to balance competing time pressures with often-unrealistic client expectations. This talk will explore why Steve believes everyone can become more agile and how discovering that SCRUM could be implemented in a micro-organisation revolutionised his approach to project management.

If you work in a small organisation, or are a freelancer this talk may change the way you build software – forever!


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