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ITV Re-Brand

So today ITV are launching their new brand across all ITV channels and sub regions.

Information from ITV

In todays recession hit society how important is brand awareness? ITV clearly want to create more of an association between the programmes that they make and the corporate entity who makes them – but we all knew Coronation Street was made by ITV already. Didn’t we?

Some times the idea of re-branding simply freshens up an image or creates a revitalised buzz around the product. It could be argues that such benefits are short lived because once the brand establishes itself everyone stop talking about it.

In 2011 a very successfully campaign was ran by TV channel G.O.L.D that explained that the channels acronym stood for “Go On Laugh Daily” creating an immediate association between the brand and comedy.

Many brands choose to establish themselves and never change – largely because they become so iconic that a change would do damage the companies reputation. I couldn’t imagine Nike changing the infamous “tick” or McDonalds loosing the Golden Arches.

Could it therefore be argued that the executives of ITV feel that they don’t currently have a strong enough brand image? If this is the case do you think that this latest branding exercise achieves ITV’s project goals?

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