Steve Westgarth

Welcome to WestgarthsWeb, my online home! If you’re reading this, hello, i’m Steve Westgarth, #developer and #socialgeek who enjoy’s making new cool things! If you’re wondering who I am, there’s my pic on the left!

I am the Engineering Manager at Boots UK focussing primarily on digital platforms including Boots.com. I am a Software developer by background having previously worked as Head of Development at Polymorph (Microsoft Gold Partner), .NET Solutions Architect and within other roles focussed on Mobile Application Development.

Each year I organise the CodeMobile Developer Conference (www.codemobile.co.uk) and I also regularly speaks at conferences focussing on UX, Coding Standards, Agile Principles and Leadership.

Outside of work I sit on the board of trustees of Salford Students Union where I am also Deputy Chair.

I graduated from the University of Chester with a 1st Class Honours degree in Network and Communication Systems, have an MSc in management and am also a Prince 2 practitioner.

Specialties Include: IOS (Swift), Web Application Development (C# .NET Core, MVC), SQL, UX and Agile Leadership,


If you’ve read this far, hopefully something grabbed your attention? If it did drop me an E-mail or find me on Twitter / Facebook. I’m interested in opportunities to speak at conferences and events and always happy to open a techy conversation.

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