@United Airlines: How not to do customer service

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m the first to give credit when customer service works but also believe that when companies fail it needs to be pointed out so that they can improve for the benefit of everyone in the future. This is especially true when a company is attempting to use […]

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Responding to customer feedback

Some of the regular readers of this blog will know that I recently had a bad experience shopping at Audi Cheshire Oaks. I thought it only fair to Audi to update readers on action taken since I blogged about the experience. First of all well done Audi – I was contacted via twitter, they apologised […]

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Technology and Customer Service

I had cause to visit my local Audi Dealership today at Cheshire Oaks earlier today. I’ve been considering a new car for some time and thought that today might just be the day. During my visit the customer service I received wasn’t what I would consider up to scratch – I was made to feel […]

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