QR Codes

At Footsqueek we have recently been doing a lot of work with QR Codes. We are using them as an educational tool to allow schools to make wall displays much more interactive.

A couple of years ago QR codes seems to be everywhere, on every high street, on business cards, in shop windows, and on membership cards to name but a few. Recently they seem to have been less prevalent and i’m wondering why that is – has the technology been and gone so quickly?

Perhaps people are looking for technologies to make their lives easier – having to reach into your pocket to get your phone to scan something seems easy enough but maybe its viewed as to much effort or to consuming to really make life easier. After all do we really need to see the content that is linked to from the QR code.

I still speak to countless individuals who have no idea what a QR code is or how to use one – on that basis maybe the technology piqued before its time.

That said we still find it useful in an educational context so maybe there are some specific markets – are you using QR codes? How do you use them?

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