Rules on the golf coarse

I’ve recently started having golf lessons and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve been really surprised by how quickly I’m learning the sport and how quickly I’ve been able to see visible improvement.

As a result I’m spending more time at the golf coarse; something which is taking a little getting used to is the quirks of golf etiquette – “no trainers in the club house”, “no mobile phones on the fairway”. No one tells you these rules unless you break then – hence the fact that I’m now eating breakfast outside in my trainers – in fairness it’s warm enough but it has made me consider whether sometimes rules for the sake of rules becomes annoying.

It reminds me of a great online community started by a friend of mine, Andy Clark, while at university. “Stick it to the man” was all about breaking seemingly pointless rules that could never really be enforced and in reality didn’t matter “No Walking on the Grass”, “No standing on the bus”, “No birds”. Some of the photos are really inventive and you can still find it on twitter @stickit2_theman. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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