A Speech at the Wedding of the new Mr. and Mrs Roberts

Now this is technically nothing to do with technology (although it is very social). My best mate Mike Roberts got married yesterday and I thought it would be opportune to post a copy of my speech online ….. lets call it an act of public record 🙂

Ready Mike?

Now before I sit down …. As Mikes best mate I think it would be wrong of me not to break with tradition and say one or two words to ensure that the assembled company gets a full picture of the man that we all know fondly as Mike Roberts

I got to know Mike way back in 2005 when we both started University. We’ve got to know each other pretty well during that time and it also means that I have a number of stories that I could tell; some are very appropriate for an occasion as Mike and Keri’s wedding – and some I imagine he would like me to forget.

Having not planned this in any way ….. I have decided that I would like to share one story with you today – but I think it only fair that Mike should select the story that I tell.

So Mike …. I have 3 envelopes ….. would you like me to share Story 1, Story 2, or Story 3?

(Story 2 was chosen)

Story 2 – Amsterdam

During the 2nd Year of Uni Mike and I were given an opportunity through the Students Union to have a free trip to Amsterdam. Now, it would be fair to say that Amsterdam has a certain reputation; and it would it would also be very unfair for me to disclose everything that may or may not have happened on that trip – after all, for my own sake, and the fact that I value Keri as a friend, what happened in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam – isn’t that right Mike?

Now Mike, to my knowledge has always been good, never done drugs or experimented with things that he shouldn’t. So as students of good standing when we in Amsterdam we decided to see the city by hiring bikes.

Now Mike and me have never been the most active of people – and riding around all day on a bike is probably not our idea of a great day out.

Fortunately, in Amsterdam the weary are able to rest and recover in one of the many “Coffee Shops” within the city. Now coffee shops have a certain reputation and Mike as a good Christian boy didn’t abuse his standing as a good student – but he did spot sitting on the counter a very nice display of cakes – he bought one ….. and the waitress very kindly pointed out it was buy one, get one half price …… and it would have been rude not to ….. right?

So he came and sat back with the group and started to nibble his cake when suddenly someone shouted, “its five to six, the bikes need to be back by 6 – we need to go”.

So not wanting to carry the cakes home, Mike picked up the first cake looked at it, shrugged his shoulder and in one big gulp, swallowed it whole. Not content with eating only one cake he then took the second cake it went the same way.

Announcing he felt fine, we left the coffee shop, got back on the bikes and off we go.

Now previously Mike hadn’t been a very enthusiastic rider but suddenly found new energy and took off up the road and quite a pace.

It would be fair to say that initially the bike was ”wobbling” a little bit. But the space cakes lived up to there name, the Bike stopped and without taking his feet off the pedals both Mike and the bike fell smartly to the left landing with thud on the pavement.

Mike wasn’t in a good way for the rest of the day – he managed to attend a meeting with the reps of the travel company – announcing in the loudest voice you’ve ever heard that couldn’t hear what the person at the front was saying, that’s the person who paid for the trip …. And he actually didn’t care.

He slept for a good part of the day in the “Hans Brinker Hotel where we were staying – and if you remember Mike this is the hotel that announced proudly on posters in reception ….. “New for 2007 ….. doors”

He did make it up later in the evening for a tour the city – but I think for the purposes of today this story has probably gone far enough …. After a few later tonight I’ll be happy to complete the tale should anypne want the full details.

On that note …. It is a shame not to share stories 2 and 3 – but I won’t – I want to take this opportunity to say that Mike is quite simply an amazing guy – the best friend anyone could wish to have and someone that I am very proud to have in my life.

When you met Keri it visibly changed your world, and it changed the world of those who know you best.

I think you’ve found a wonderful girl Mike and I can’t wait to get to know more of Keri’s family as the day goes on. On behalf of all of your friends in Chester I hope both yours and Keri’s dreams come true and that together you are able to go on and Change the world.

Love you both

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