Apple Bend Gate: Still an issue

Many of you will remember the apple bend gate issue that effected the iPhone 6 just after its release. Widely reported in the media that iPhone 6 bends unnaturally with very little pressure

Apple at the time played down the issue but eventually publically stated that any affected devices would be replaced.

Fast forward 12 months

My friend Jez Gilmour got a new apple iPhone 6 – he dropped it down the side of my sofa last night and when he retrieved it the phone had inexplicably bent.

I assured him that this was a known issue with the device and we promptly took it to the Apple Store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

The genius inspected the device, checked with his manager and informed us this was NOT covered by Apple warrenty – the only way to get a replacement was to pay £270! A lot of money especially when the issue is known to apple!

At the time of bendgate apple reported that a mere 9 users had been affected by the issue – how many users have had the same response as us? Surely though normal use no phone should bend?

Please let me know if you have had a similar experience – we need to ensure that large corporations can’t get away with going back on publically stated promises just because it’s no longer headline news!

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