Developer Conferences

I love attending developer conferences but sometimes its difficult to keep track of what conferences are happening and when.

This page is an overview of annual developer conferences that I am aware grouped by the month that they usually happen in.

If you would like to add your conference to the list please get in touch.


NDC London – Software Developer Conference – London, UK


GDC – Game Developers Conference – San Francisco, USA


RWDEVCON – iOS Conference from Ray Wenderlich – Alexandria, VA, USA

QCON London – Software Developer Conference – London, UK


CodeMobile – iOS and Android Developer Conference – Chester, UK


UIKONF – iOS Development and Mobile Design Conference – Berlin, Germany

IOSCON – Conference for iOS Developers – London, UK


WWDC – Apples World Wide Developer Conference – San Francisco, USA

ALTCONF – Runs in Parallel to WWDC – San Francisco, USA


Develop:Brighton – Game Development Conference – Brighton, UK


360iDev – iOS Conference, Denver, Co, USA

Android Summit – Designing, Developing and Testing for Android – McLean , VA, USA


iOSDEVUK – Conference for iOS Developers – Aberystwyth, UK


COCOALOVE – Focussing on the People Behind the Tech – Philadelphia, PA, USA

DROIDCON London – Android Developer Conference – London, UK

CodeFrontEnd – Front end Designer and Developer conference focusing on a UX conference with a hint of HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 – Chester, UK


AnDevCon – Android Developer Conference – San Francisco, USA


The Rich Web Experience – Front End Web Developer Conference – ClearWater, FL, USA

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